MMI is excited to announce our latest accomplishment: the ARG Whangarei project. This exceptional venture, expertly executed by Edge Interiors, demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

The use of Prime Veneer as a material was well-received, and the addition of curves brought a touch of sophistication. The intricate curves and timber battens further enriched the fitout, resulting in a visually stunning masterpiece. We take great pride in being a part of this remarkable project.

‘A newly constructed purpose-build radiology clinic is a classic example of how prime Toitu in NZ Mixes Rimu can add warmth and richness into an environment where welcoming and calming vibes are essential’. – Prime Panels

Click here to view Primes website.Click here to view ARG Whangarei.
Project name: ARG WhangareiPhoto credit: Mark Scowen Photography

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